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Andrea Rossi

The inventor of the eCat and owner of Leonardo Corporation – the company that will manufacture the eCat reactors . Rossi has a long involvement in alternative energy projects, mainly biofuels.


Prof Sergio Focardi

Andrea Rossi’s partner in the development of the eCat.  Focardi has been instrumental in developing nickel-hydrogen LENR reactors and has authored a number of peer reviewed papers on the subject.  Focardi is Emiritus Prof of Physics at the University of Bologna. In the early 90s Focardi, together with physicists Roberto Habel and Francesco Piantelli, started to develop a nickel-hydrogen exothermal reactor. This earlier pioneering work by Focardi was built upon when he was joined in 2008 by Rossi who brought new ideas to the research. Together they developed the current eCat technology to.


Prof Giuseppe Levi

Friend of Prof Sergio Focardi, Levi is a professor of physics at the University of Bologna, in Italy. Prof Levi has been present and actively involved in taking measurements and monitoring many of the public demonstrations as well as performing his own tests.


Prof Christos Stremmenos

A retired Professor of the Department of Physical and Inorganic Chemistry of the Faculty of Industrial Chemistry in the University of Bologna, he has served as Greek Ambassador to Italy (1982-1987), and has been awarded the title of “Cavaliere di Gran Croce al Merito” of the Italian Republic. In the University of Bologna, as well as in the Polytechnic of Athens (National Technical University of Athens) he has taught Molecular Spectroscopy, Applied Spectroscopy and Photochemistry. His research work, from the beginning of his academic career until the assumption of his duties as Greek Ambassador, was in the field of spectroscopy of both solid and liquid crystals and he studied their static and dynamic structure by employing quantum mechanics criteria. After his mission at the Embassy of Greece in Rome was completed, he tried to reproduce the Fleishmann-Pons Experiment, however he did not achieve reliable results and thus he started to work in the field of nuclear reactions between nickel and hydrogen or deuterium.



Mats Lewan

Mats Lewan is a journalist for Swedish technology publication NY Teknik (new technology). Lewan’s has been writing articles covering the eCat story since the early reports coming out of Bologna.  NY Teknik were the first serious mainstream publication to take an active role in covering the story from any serious viewpoint.  Lewan has travelled to Bologna on at least two occasions to personally witness and photograph eCat demonstrations.


Maddalena Pascucci

Pasucci is the wife of Andrea Rossi.  Her sharp business skills make her a key member of Rossi’s team.  The only patent granted so far (In Italy) is granted in her name which means she may be the sole holder of the world’s most expensive Intellectual Property. A commerce graduate, she owns 50% of Leonardo Corporation along with Rossi and is managing the commercial side of the E-Cat business. Pascucci also owns 70% of EFA srl, an Italian based company which manages licences for the E-Cat in Europe.

Craig Cassarino

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